Nurse Practitioner

Jessica Luo

Jessica Luo is mother to three little girls and grew up in Allen, Texas living there almost 25 years. Jessica became a nurse 12 years ago at Grayson County college and since then has had a variety of clinical experiences including jail, juvenile, home health and telephonic nursing before becoming a nurse practitioner in 2014. Jessica received her Nurse Practitioner degree at UT Arlington. As a new nurse practitioner, Jessica quickly became gained popularity in the medically under-served communities of southern Dallas for the high quality, individualized care she provides with compassion and advocacy for her patients. This is not Jessica’s first experience in sports medicine at Village Chiropractic, as she has also worked with other medical massage entities and was acclaimed for her trigger point injection skills. Jessica loves teaching her patients to achieve holistic wellness and prides herself on empowering patients to improve their quality of life!

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